Custom SD Scard for R-PI, Nano-Pi, Orange-Pi or BoagleBone

Price excludes delivery and tax
$25.00 USD
On request OS image for one of the following boards
  • PC USB Flash Drive 16 or 32 Gb
  • R-PI -3
  • Orange PI
  • BeagleBone Black/Green
When ordering please add what packages do you want installed.

The shipping period depends of the packages I install and test. This can vary from 3 to5 days.

I can install extra packages as:
  • build-essential  make, cmake, g++, c++
  • qt development
  • boost
  • espeak
  • xfce desktop
  • lxde desktop
  • mate desktop
  • python
  • camera rtsp video server
  • stratum GPS time server (requires to have a USB GPS module). Be aware of 2019 April time bug in older models
  • live camera surveillance (requires extra USB 16 Gb drive for storage). Available here


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